Mortality In Covid-19

The global burden of deaths due to Covid-19 is now 6,531,788 with the United States leading the pack at 1,055, 196 deaths, followed by Brazil with 685,428 deaths and India with 528,429. But the US President would have the world believe that just because the rate of infection is decreasing in the United States, that the pandemic is over in the US. (20 September 2022)

The Epicentre Of The Covid-19 Pandemic Pivots From The USA.

Italy was the epicentre of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe until a March 2020, with officially more recorded deaths than China where the disease originated.   The pandemic has spread globally to all countries of the world with North Korea in the last country to confirm the presence of the disease in July 2022.  There are fears that fragile health systems in the third world will be overwhelmed. Here is a map of countries where Covid-19 has been confirmed and its prevalence.


Data from medics working across China quote 90,000 to 95,000 deaths in Hubei Province alone with another 80,000 deaths in the rest of China.  Making Covid-19 mortality in China 170,000 to 175,000.  When will the Chinese Government start telling the world the truth?


UK Government advice on the Covid-19 pandemic can be found here.  The UK Government advice is puerile and flawed. When is "herd immunity" superior to good infection control and effective quarantine measures? The answer is never! Or perhaps more rightly put as in the minds of the slubberdegullions advising the government.  Now, they have had another brainwave: "Reusing disposable PPE".  UK Doctors will be within their rights to ignore that advice!

Map Of Global Disease Burden: 21 March 2020

Global Spread of Covid-19 as of 21 March 2020

Guidance for doctors issued by CDC can be found by clicking here.  Help for governments and local authorities struggling with doctor recruitment to tackle the outbreak can be found by clicking here.  The Johns Hopkins University global coronavirus tracking map and current global mortality figures can be found here.

Map Of Global Disease Burden: 22 September 2022

Covid-19 Dashboard

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